Office Rules Are A Must To Remember To every Employee

The full range of provincial and international work is through the law firms in Dubai or lawyers in Dubai, providing a variety of services. You must be well aware of labor laws while you are working in the UAE as these laws will surely help you. It makes you conscious of the office environment that you have to follow. Understanding and awareness regarding the labor laws can go a long way in making sure that you can guide clear of any disciplinary action at the workplace and can also get help by appointing a Lawyer in Dubai.

Rules imposed by the employer

The disciplinary rules that might be imposed by the employer shall be:

  • Word of warning
  • Fine or penalty
  • Delay with reduced pay for a defined period but it should not more than ten days
  • Removal from or rescheduling of periodic bonus in organizations containing a scheme for  such bonuses
  • Denial of the promotion in establishments concerning a system for such promotion
  • Release from work without injustice to the end of service benefit
  • Notice from work and removal from the total end of service benefit.

Employee’s record concerning fines

Fines imposed on employees shall be recorded in a particular register together with the reason and circumstances of obligation. The name and salary of the employee will also be mentioned in this register and in this regard, decisions will be issued by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

Disciplinary offense

The employee might not be charged with a disciplinary offense after thirty days of the discovery.


The employee might be temporarily suspended from job upon the charging thereof of a planned crime against life, property, reputation, sincerity or of carrying out a strike.Learn More