Hire Legal Representative for Domestic Abuse Victims

Our associates Sharjah’s lawyers are familiar with Sharia Law which is mandatory in getting the child’s custody. According to UAE jurisdiction, the child should be protected by psychological and physical damage in any case. Abuse of a child is also due to divorce between partners in many cases.

Our associates Lawyers in Sharjah provide welfare to children in dealing with child custody cases.

The standards for providing welfare

Domestic violence, which is referred to as the use of force intended to harm spouse or child, must be taken into consideration. Apart from physical harm, mental damage also comes under domestic violence cases. In this case, the courts prefer the welfare of children in granting custody to any of the parents.

UAE jurisdiction is very strict in providing child custody in the case of abuse. Moreover, a child’s consent is also mandatory with whom he feels safe and happy. Violence is categorized as

  • Physical damage to a child or spouse 
  • Mentally torturing the child
  • No financial support

Domestic Violence and Custody Cases

The welfare of the child is the main objective of our lawyers in Sharjah. Verdicts of domestic violence cases are given on the following factors:

  • The relationship between the parent and child has considered whether the child fell safe and healthy with their parents or not
  • Previous cases of abuse that have mentally affected the children
  • Interaction between the spouses that can harm the parent or child 

Hence, in case of any evidence of domestic violence, the court will give the decision considering the child’s benefit. Moreover, both parents are given the responsibility to protect their children and fulfill their parenting rights.

Centers for child safety and security

In case parents are not applicable to provide an appropriate environment for their children, child protection centers are the last option. Child protection centers aim to provide a healthy and safe environment for children who are at risk in their homes. These centers will help them to grow into a healthy individual.

In case of coming across child abuse, whether you are a teacher, doctor, family member, or a neighbor, it is your foremost duty to inform the child protection centers.

Wrapping up

Our associates lawyers in Sharjah, UAE, and Abu Dhabi are experts in handling child abuse cases. They have proper knowledge of Sharia law and can give you proper advice in such cases. Hire our family lawyers in Dubai to get reliable services. If you have any issue for reporting the child abuse case, contact our law firm. We are willing to help you in any matter and save the future of our generations.