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Debt Collection.ae is one of the leading quality information sharing website regarding debt repossession, collection & recovery in UAE. Moreover, Debt Collection.ae links you with the well experienced and educated lawyers to solve the complex issues in a most effective manner. The referred lawyers are highly capable of delivering exceptional services in a vast variety of fields. They have developed an integrated network of searching, repossessing, collecting, recovering & surveying of assets in UAE.
Debt Collection.ae believes in putting the clients first. We along with our associated network of lawyers and law firms in UAE consider maintaining a close relationship with clients as they contribute to being giving minutes feedback having an impact on this industry and responsiveness at our end. We have invested in sophisticated and information network systems which allowed us to enhance the level of information sharing.

What We Do

All type of Repossession
Normal Account Collection
Default Accounts Collection
Disputed Amounts Collection
Cheque Bounce
Filing Criminal Case
Filing Civil Case
Unpaid Salaries
Mortgage Payment
Real Estate
Trade Debts
Credit Card Debt
Our Proficiency

Our Proficiency

Debt Collection.ae associated network of the legal team owns the capability of dealing with stubborn debtors by positioning legal actions which result in a timely settlement of dues. This team is well knowledgeable in all laws relating to commercial cases and debt repossession, collection & recovery, both in the UAE and in the home cities of debtors. Members of the associated team are multicultural, multilingual, and highly specialized in debt recovery. Considering debt collection, they are equipped with advanced technology and uses state-of-the-art collection software to ensure distinctive services to the clients. They also established best practices of the collection industry.When a case is being resolved, the final settlement is achieved through our associated network of lawyers who delivers assistance in executing court judgments. Debt Collection.ae associated Legal Special Handling team is composed of well-qualified attorneys and legal experts as they extensively study the feasibility of any legal action as a last resort, and provide appropriate legal support where necessary.

Skip Tracing

People who get into debt always try to avoid payment of debts, which often results in changing their address, moving out of the city, etc. Our network of debt collectors executes Skip Tracing operations when required when the task is to locate debtors who have moved out of the city or moved to the unknown whereabouts. Our network of debt collectors understands that laws of the country and a debtor who has moved out of the city may not be subjected to the same obligations as in the UAE. In such situations, they contact other cities debt recovery agencies. These agencies are ranked among the most respected in the country. Depending upon the specific circumstances, our associated teams locate most of the Skip Tracing cases to ensure effective debt settlement and deliver complete satisfaction to the clients.
Skip Tracing
Core Values

Core Values

  • Collection & recovery of bad debts through our quality associated debt collectors in strict compliance with local laws and best practices.
  • Selected debt collectors specifically focusing on a ‘creative problem solving’ approach by educating debtors on best settlement solutions.
  • Providing consistent advice to debtors, to improve their relations with clients.
  • Executing collection & recovery services in the most professional manner by fully ensuring confidentiality, protecting clients’ rights, and collecting their full dues.
  • Implementing strict privacy policies that apply to all types of actions before, during, and after settlement.